How working as a journalist in Nigeria can affect mental health

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In September 2013, I and many other media colleagues from the Northeast attended a Conflict Sensitive Reporting workshop organized by the Nigeria Press Council in collaboration with the Office of National Security Adviser (ONSA) at Zaranda Hotel in Bauchi state. 

During the two day training anchored by top media eggheads like famous  Professor Umar Pate, Zakari Mijinyawa of ONSA, Bayo Atoyebi the then Chief Executive of NPC, Babatunde Abdulhameed and Sani Zoro, former NUJ President, we were not only taught how to report conflict and crisis, but we had time to discuss our experiences as journalist working in a conflict epicenter like Borno. 
I could remember vividly that I, Abdulkareem Haruna, suggested that we journalists reporting Boko Haram at such a close range of its goriness should, from time to time, be given some trauma counseling and psychosocial support. 
I could still recall that my suggestion a general applaud from my colleagues and some nods from most of t…

Jose Mourinho gets new coaching job!

By Blog Editor

Sacked coach of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho, may have finally clinched another coaching opportunity, five months after he lost his job. 
Mr. Mourinho was sacked by Manchester United after a woeful outing during the last season.  Former Chelsea striker, Chris Sutton, has claimed that the controversial Mourinho was offered the chance of becoming Celtic's new manager.
The Portuguese football coach was earlier sacked by his former club Chelsea for deteriorating outings before he moved to coach Man-U.
Metro Times gathered that though the Celtic board of management has not finally confirmed the development, the 56-year-old had echoed his desire to return to management this summer even as he optimized that "it would be in a league that motivates him."
But Sutton quickly added that it wasn't only the  Portuguese coach that was presented with the opportunity of coaching the Scottish giants next season.
"There's going to be a lot of managers in for it (th…

​Arctic Norway; Story of a place where sun shines at night

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It might sound weird and a bit of oxymoron to hear one talks about the 'Midnight Sun'. 
But in reality, there are some places in the world where the sun does not go down at night. Yes. The sun hangs on horizon lighting the night even when people in those climes are dozing off or have gone to bed.  
Some times the sun and the moon will appear in the opposite direction and provide the people of Arctic Norway with the brightest of lights all through the night.

One may ask: Where in the world could this place be. 
Kareem's Pick Blog is happy to inform you that this amazing miracle of Nature usually happens in no other place than Arctic Norway. 
If we could still recall our geography in secondary school, we might recall what we were told about that part of the globe that lies above the Arctic circle. Of course, Norway is one of the most stretched out countries in the world, that reaches 58*N to 81*N. 
Oh, let me not bore us with too much geography; I know many pe…

In Nigeria where human rights are constantly abused, who cares about animal rights

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It was about 3 pm and the weather update was 43°c. And I was driving along the Damaturu-Maiduguri highway in northeast Nigeria on afternoon of merciless heat.
Everywhere was steaming  even my car AC had to give up its near vain struggle to cool the air inside. 
It was at that unfriendly hour of the day that some travellers in other commercial vehicles chose to transport a full-grown cow from Damaturu to God-knows-where along the highway. 
There was actually nothing wrong with transporting a cow on a hot day. But my grudge with the transporters was the way and manner the cow was being conveyed inside the booth of car.. 
I said to myself that even if the cow was doomed for slaughter in the next minute, at least it still deserved some dignity. 
But in this context, the cow was practically forced into the tiny trunk of a  Volkswagen Golf car, together with some large sacks of loads. 
With only its head peering out of the car booth just to enable it to catch some breat…

Army has strong evidence that defeated politicians are behind recent killings, kidnappings in Nigeria – General Buratai

By Blog Editor 

Nigeria's Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, on Wednesday dropped a contentious angle to the likely cause of the current worsening spate of insecurity that plagues the country.
Mr. Buratai, a Lieutenant General, said some politicians who suffered defeat in the just concluded general elections are the ones responsible for the current insecurity in parts of Nigeria.
The General's statement came weeks after his office had hinted that some foreign influence were plotting to scuttle the May 29th second term inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari who won the last general election. That report can be read via this link.
Last week some Nigerian online newspapers published a reporting quoting Centre for Democracy and Diplomacy, Washington DC, that accused the presidential candidate of the opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar, who lost the last election to Mr Buhari of being the brain behind recent killing across.

The published report can re…

Four killed as UK aircraft crashes near Dubai

By Blog Editor 
(Culled from Gulf News)

A UK-registered small plane, with  tail number DA42,  crashed some three miles  away from  south  Dubai International Airport, on Thursday, killing all the four passengers on board, the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) said.
According to a report published by  UAE   based Gulf News, the four-seater plane crashed while on a mission to "calibrate terrestrial navigation systems at the airport, with all crew members, three British, and one South African, killed."
An investigation team from the GCAA arrived at the scene of the crash.
The GCAA said air traffic at the airport is back to normal, adding that it will continue the investigation and provide updates on the progress.
The light aircraft crashed near Mushrif Park on the approach to Dubai International Airport, Dubai Media Office said.
 "An accident involving a small plane with four passengers occurred resulting in the death of the pilot and his assistant. The relevant teams a…