Only 'Goodluck' was killed during Boko Haram's Molai attack on Christmas Day

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Corpse of Goodluck in Molai

Kareem's Pick Blog was in Molai village as early as 7am on Tuesday and met a community whose peace was disrupted on Christmas day  still battling to get over their shock after an attack  by Boko Haram gunmen. 

Giant empty shells of Anti Aircraft bullets and those from AK47 littered the highway leading to the agrarian community located not more than 5km away from Maiduguri. 
Empty shells of bullets
About 500 Metres away from Molai, a military pickup van laid on its side with its beneath facing the direction of the city. Returning villagers who had fled their homes the previous night said the insurgents' firearm caused the pickup van to summersault and fell on its side during the shootout. 

A little ahead, into Molai village, a burnt motorcycle was also seen in the middle of the road. It belonged to the Boko Haram insurgents. 

Some few metres ahead of the motorcycles, just by the entrance of Molai village market, lies a corpse covered with some piece of sack sheet. 
A military pickup van hit
By the attackers firearm

"His name was 'Goodluck', said one Bashir, an operative of Civillian-JTF. 

"'Goodluck was the only person that was not so lucky to escape the attack; he thought it was a small attack and he came out only to be hit by bullet". 

Kareem's Pick Blog wondered why the corpse of Goodluck had not been evacuated. 

"He has relatives of course" said Modu another Civillian-JTF operative who seemed to have ample experience working with soldiers in Dikwa and Gajibo axis of Borno state. 

"'Goodluck is not that mentally stable but he is okay to help tricycle cabs get passengers at the park in order to get some stipends. 

"Everyone knew and liked Goodluck because he was easygoing and amusing". 

A charred motorcycle of
Boko Haram brought down by soldiers
The soldiers were said to have displayed typical gallantry in wading off the attackers. 

"They have tried in tackling the Boko Haram gunmen", added Modu. "But we would have been happier if they had killed them; as you can see only Goodluck was killed here and none of the insurgents died as we are made to understand". 

Petrified women and children were seen hoofing their way through empty shells of bullets to their homes. The fears on their faces indicated their despair and hopelessness in the war that seemed not near its end. 
Returning residents of Damboa

A middle-aged man dressed in a white overflowing gown, and a head gear over his head to keep him warm against the chilling harmattan, sat quietly in front of his house.  

He seemed absent minded and disturbed. When this Blogger greeted him, he did not answer but simply looked up and nod his head. His eyes were filled with tears. 
Only God knows the construction of his mind at the moment. 

Molai is popular in Borno state for its leprosy hospital that is funded fully by foreign aide. Any time Boko Haram comes attacking from the direction of Damboa which shares borders with Sambisa forest, the community is always the first to have a taste of their hostility.


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