Sad Day in Biu As Rescue Operatives Arrest Another suicide Bomber at Biu hospital, after 2 had Earlier Caused Death of 18, left 52 Injured

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A suicide bomber recently arrested in Maiduguri
(Photo Internet sourced)
Saturday, 2nd December was indeed a day of grief for the people of Biu in Borno state as suicide bombers primed by Boko Haram fighters invaded the peaceful community killing at least 18 and injuring 52 other at the town's market.

Two teenage girls with suicide vests strapped around their bodies ended a long journey, from unknown Boko Haram enclave, at the crowded Biu market.

After diffusing amongst unsuspecting traders, the killer teenage girls carried out the attack in a coordinated manner, presumably, as instructed by their evil-hearted commanders.

The second girl did not detonate her explosive vest immediately. She waited until a large crowd of curious persons and sympathisers gathered before she let the second explosion off at about 11:40pm.

Dozens of persons were left either dead or sprawling in the pool of bloods and shredded human parts.

Those who managed to escape the blast could not immediately come to terms with the confusion over the blood stains on their bodies.

Children who were disconnected with their parents wailed; even as mothers who sent their kids on errands to the market came running - some without shoes, others without head gears as they call on God to have mercy and save their wards.

Amidst the cacophony of the ensuing pandemonium, gallant security operatives and rescue workers moved in to pick up dismembered bodies, injured persons and those who were unconscious.

While this was going on, a third suicide bomber was lurking from a far waiting for yet another evil opportunity to strike at gathering crowd.

At the hospital, while overwhelmed medics were battling to save lives in an overstretched medical facility, the third female suicide bomber inched closer trying to infiltrate the surging crowd. She was almost home with her bestial mission when a vigilant security operative spotted her and raised the alarm. Upon realising that her cover was blown she backed out on her mission.

Many could not still explain why the girl did press the button of her explosive vest.

She was carefully apprehended and stripped of her deadly wired vest. 
Another intercepted teenage female suicide
bomber (Photo Internet sourced)

In her early confessional statement the petrified little girl told her apprehender that she was one among the five girls deployed by some Boko Haram leaders to carry out the attacks on Biu town.

She said they were five that were out on the mission. Only two blew themselves up. The other two could not be accounted for.

Police spokesman in Borno state, Victor Isukwu said the incident occurred at about 11:40am.

"Today 2/2/2017  at about 1140hrs, two female suicide bombers infiltrated and gained entry into Biu town in Biu LGA",  a statement he sent out via WhatsApp reads.

"One of the bombers detonated IED strapped on her body within Biu Main market, while d other one detonated outside d market square. So far,  a total of 13 persons excluding the two suicide bombers, have been confirmed killed  in the two explosions.

"While 53 others sustained various degrees of injuries. Police patrols/EOD teams led by d Acting Area Commander Biu were promptly mobilized and dispatched to scene. The Corpses & the injured persons have been evacuated to General Hospital Biu. Meanwhile, normalcy has been restored and the area rendered safe".

Biu, is one of the major towns of Borno state that suffered less attacks by Boko Haram. It is also one of the towns that was not taken or sacked by the insurgents since 2009 when the Boko Haram war started. But the town had experienced a couple of suicide attacks mainly in its market. The last time that such attacks took place was about two years ago. 


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