Was Former Vice President Atiku Actually Kneeling Down Before Former Head of State, Babangida in This Photo

Ex-VeePee Atiku In Kneeling
Position Before General IBB
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A little controversy has sparked off after an online news medium, #SaharanReporters, published a  trending photograph showing former Vice President Abubakar Atiku in a kneeling position before Nigeria's former military president, Ibrahim Babangida, when the former paid him a visit at his Minna Hill top mansion at the weekend. 

The report said Ex-VeePee Atiku who had recently left the ruling All Ptogressives Congress (APC) and joined the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) a party which he had previously dumped twice, was at the IBB's to covet the retired General's support in his presidential bid come 2019.

Atiku is seen being seen in one of the photographs that came out from the Minna Hill top mansion in a kneeling position. An action many Nigerians said was a clear demonstration of his desperado attitude towards power. But his ardent fans said he was not kneeling down. 

Atiku left APC, a party he co-formed in 2014 after his former party (PDP) which he now returned to, had denied him a chance to be the presidential flagbearer. 

Atiku has been in the business of changing his political party since 2007 as he renews his 5th relentless attempt to actualize his inordinate quest to be the nation's president. 

When he was leaving the APC a forthnight ago, Atiku accused the President Muhammadu Buhari led APC of failing Nigerians and lack of preparedness to promote internal democracy and also not giving the youth some sense of belonging. He said the APC has lied to Nigeria even as he promised to fight corruption better than Buhari.
Atiku's Shoe at Eagle Square Abuja, Wrongly Used
By His Fans to Deny He Actually
Knelt Before IBB

The former VeePee who timed his exit from the APC ahead the recently concluded National Convention of the PDP was seen at the venue of the event throughout the entire period the convention lasted. 

The PDP, having been unable to get over its shocking defeat in 2015 is frantically searching for a stronger contender to match president Muhammadu Buhari during the 2019 presidential polls. 

Though the PDP has a catalogue of Presidential hopefuls within the party who are equally serious about their quest for the top ticket, many said Atiku might be considered giving his spread of support that cuts across the country as well as his  financial war chest. 

But Atiku who has not been a lucky politician when it comes to primaries was reported to have asked for an unopposed candidacy as one of the conditions he gave ahead his recent return to PDP.
Atiku at the venue
Of the PDP convention 

It is not certain if PDP had given him the ticket or has assured him of an unchallenged  ticket.

In a bid to solidify his chances of getting the ticket, the ex-VeePee has started paying some form of homage visits to the who-is-whos of Nigerian polity seeking their blessings and perhaps chipping in a word or two for him at the appropriate quarters. 

He was said to have visited his former principal, and former president, Olusegun Obasanjo to ask for a blessing on his ambition. 

At the weekend, Atiku visited Minna in Niger state where he also met one of the phantom kingmakers and power brokers, General IBB. 

And soon as Atiku, who is now the Waziri (2nd in command to the Lamido) of Adamawa was ushered before the becrutched and seated former military dictator, the former VeePee  went straight on his knees as they exchanged pleasantries. 

Photos of that uncommon happenstance went viral as readers said Atiku was practically begging IBB to endorse his ambition of becoming the next president. 

Perhaps Atiku's decision to take his pleas for acceptance in the PDP before IBB was instructive upon the fact that it was General IBB that plotted a coup against General Buhari when the latter was the military head of state. It is not clear if IBB still considers himself as a friend to Buhari, the man he even sent to jail after usurping powers from him. 

But Atiku's loyalists who are not happy with what Saharan Reporters published about their boss being on all fours before IBB, took to Twitter and related social media to defend their idol by posting photo of his leg wearing an LV designer shoe to prove a point that the former VeePee did not knee but sat before the former President. It turned out the second picture was taken at the Eagle Square venue of the PDP convention. 

Others have argued that there was nothing wrong if the former VeePee actially knelt before a senior citizen of the country. While said he did not kneel but squat to greet IBB which is a normal thing in the northern Nigeria. 

But those who stood by Saharan Reporters said the second photo may have been taken after Atiku had risen from his kneeling position. 

Dear readers, kindly view the two pictures with forensic details to check if the Waziri of Adamawa was actially caught on photo kneeling before IBB. 

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