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Women can dialogue, help end Boko Haram in one month - Hamsatu Allamin

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A foremost female civil-societarian in Borno state, Mrs Hamsatu Allamin, has blamed the male dominated Nigerian political class as the bane of the endless Boko Haram conflict stressing that it was high time women were allowed to lead in the negotiation to end the conflict. 

Boko Haram insurgency has dragged to almost a decade leaving nearly 30,000 people killed and about 1.7 million people, mostly women and children, displaced. 

Borno state, the epicentre of the whole conflict, bears well over 80 percent of the entire carnage and destructions. 

Government has spent billions of naira on both military hardware and civil interventions to end the war. But the whole efforts seemed as futile as fetching beater with a basket. 

The military insist Boko Haram has been degraded; that the current "pockets" of attacks were part of the dynamics of an assymetric warfare where insurgents would want to curry publicity by  staging attacks like suicide bombings, ambushes and invasion o…

Painful parallels in school safety debate in US, Nigeria

Africa By Josh Lederman and Haruna Umar | AP March 15

ABUJA, Nigeria — Facing different but equally harrowing crises, parents and educators in the United
States and northeast Nigeria are debating similarly drastic measures to improve school safety as a painful public reckoning plays out in both countries. As students hold walkouts across the U.S. amid a scourge of mass shootings, President Donald Trump’s proposal to put more guns in schools carries echoes of questions being asked in one corner of Africa’s most populous country. Determined to do something, Nigeria’s government has deployed armed guards to schools while parents debate the merits of arming teachers themselves. Americans tend to think of their struggles as far removed from the misfortunes that afflict distant, volatile nations like Nigeria, where 110 schoolgirls abducted in February from the town of Dapchi have not been returned. After all, while America has contended with terrorist incidents, there is no marauding insurgency…

Ngwon: Tale of how UNDP's housing largesse creates division in rebuilt community

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Last Tuesday, I was invited to cover the opening and handing over of a newly rebuilt community by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to the displaced people of Ngwon, a village about 10km away from Maiduguri, Borno state capital.

The village was in 2014 attacked by Boko Haram insurgents who killed at least 100 people and burnt down its entire buildings.

Those who know the geography of Borno state would testify that Ngwom, a road side settlement along the Maiduguri -Dikwa road was known as one quiet and peaceful agrarian village that was largely built of mud and cement houses.

After the attack the village of about 400 houses was left in almost irreversible ruin.

Amidst despair of the people, UNDP magnanimously came in to rebuild the community with even a  modern touch.

Some 300 two rooms apartments each with its compound and fencing; 288 market stalls; 20 shop malls; a school; a mosque; a police outpost and two mega water points were part of the package present…

Buhari Appoints New National Food Security Council


Days after he announced the intention of the federal government to establish a National Food Security Council, President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the constitution of the council’s membership.The council, to be chaired by the president, will be inaugurated on Monday. It will have as members, the Governors of Kebbi, Taraba, Plateau, Lagos, Ebonyi and Delta States.Other members are the Secretary to the Government of the Federation; the Chief of Staff to the President; the National Security Adviser and seven (7) cabinet ministers. The ministers to be represented are for Agriculture and Rural Development; Finance; Interior; Industry, Trade and Investment; Water Resources; Environment; and Budget and National Planning. The National Food Security Council will also have as members, the Chief of Defence Staff; the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria; the Directors-General of the State Security Services and the National Intelligence Agency as well as the Comptroller…

#Rann Update; Abducted midwives WhatsApp comes online again

Hours after some weird WhatsApp messages sent out via her phone had freaked out her friend, the abducted ICRC midwife, Hauwa Liman was again seen online at about 11am. 

Though no message was sent out, the status bar of her WhatsApp indicated that she was online. 

Some of her contacts said the messages they sent to her Thursday that were yet to deliver suddenly indicated that they had been received

Rann: Mobile phone of kidnapped midwife used to ‎send disturbing message

PREMIUM TIMES (March 16, 2018) Abdulkareem Haruna
The mobile phone of one of the female victims abducted by Boko Haram in Rann has been used to send a disturbing message to her contacts.
Hauwa Liman, believed to one of the staff of the Red Cross, was kidnapped ‎earlier this month when Boko Haram insurgents invaded a camp used by internally displaced persons in Rann, Borno State.
About a dozen people including security operatives were confirmed killed in the attack with the ICRC saying two of its staff were also kidnapped.
On Thursday, Ms. Liman‎’s phone was used to send a whatsApp message to some of her contacts.

The text message was sent in Hausa and it reads thus:
“ya ku en duniya, kuji tsoron Allah, ku daina bin taghootu.
“I’dan kuma ba haka ba, Allah zai daura mu Akan ku, kuma zaku kasance tababbu.” When translated, the text reads, “Oh you people of the world, fear God, and stop following the heathen path.
“If not, God will place us above you all. And you all shall become mentally demented …

Nigerian midwife abducted while working for ICRC sends out radical messages to her phone contacts

By Blogger Hauwa Muhammed Liman, one of the midwife staff of the ICRC that was abducted by Boko Haram gunmen two weeks ago has sent out a disturbing message to her WhatsApp contacts. Her contacts who began to receive her messages about 8.30pm became excited thinking she may have been rescued or regained her freedom. But on reading the wordings of the text message, many of them had to quickly stop the chat. Her text message was sent in Hausa and it reads thus: “ya ku en duniya, kuji tsoron Allah, ku daina bin taghootu. I’dan kuma ba haka ba, Allah zai daura mu Akan ku, kuma zaku kasance tababbu” Meaning “Oh you people of the world, fear God, and stop following the heathen path. If not, God will place us above you all. And you all shall become mentally demented people”. Most of her friends who received the above message either stopped the chat or blocked her from further communication with them, as they said the message couldn’t have been sent by her. One of her friends who knew the missi…


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Could you believe that Chinese Congress has just changed its constitution and voted massively that their current president, Xi Jinping, can now stay in power for life???
Reason: He has so far punished over 1 million corrupt officials especially those in opposition to the communist  party and his life could be endangered when he leaves power. So he stays in power till end of time, just like Chairman Mao Zedong did in the past. Unbelievable, right??
But it is still democratic because that is what the 3000 congress that represents the multitudes of China wanted! But in Africa, we call such leader that wants to stay beyond his time as despots.
China has about 1.38 billion population ; which is about 4 times the population of USA, and about 8 times the population of Nigeria. Yet its people felt no qualms if one man should rule over them for life.
Surprisingly, we have not heard the USA, or UN threatening  economic sanctions because China is coasting towards anti-democratic tenets.

Rann: Touching story of woman who broke news of Boko Haram attack, her abduction

By Abdulkareem Haruna (Blogger), as Published in PREMIUM TIMES, Sunday 4 May, 2018 Hauwa Mohammed, a 25-year-old midwife who sent out a What2sApp voice message from Rann that Boko Haram had invaded their camp was not lucky to escape the attack that officially claimed the lives of at least 11 persons. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has confirmed that two of its midwives were missing, indicating they may have been abducted by the Boko Haram gunmen. Nearly 72 hours after the Thursday l attack, the Nigerian government has not officially provided details of the attack which many fear may have claimed more lives than reported. The UN said 11 persons, including three UN aid workers, were killed in the attack. Eight of the 11 are Nigerian security officials including four soldiers, international agencies have said. The Nigerian military is yet to officially announce the casualty. Also, no government official or security agency has explained how the attack took place and …