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Could you believe that Chinese Congress has just changed its constitution and voted massively that their current president, Xi Jinping, can now stay in power for life???
Reason: He has so far punished over 1 million corrupt officials especially those in opposition to the communist  party and his life could be endangered when he leaves power.
So he stays in power till end of time, just like Chairman Mao Zedong did in the past.
Unbelievable, right??
But it is still democratic because that is what the 3000 congress that represents the multitudes of China wanted!
But in Africa, we call such leader that wants to stay beyond his time as despots.
China has about 1.38 billion population ; which is about 4 times the population of USA, and about 8 times the population of Nigeria. Yet its people felt no qualms if one man should rule over them for life.
Surprisingly, we have not heard the USA, or UN threatening  economic sanctions because China is coasting towards anti-democratic tenets.
When Obasanjo attempted to go for third term, by trying to change the constitution to favour such move, we clamped on him using international community and other forces to make sure he was defeated.
Today, OBJ is still carrying the stinker as a third termer. Even though his intention might be noble.
Africa has a problem that is killing it. Lack of self-actualization. We wouldn't want to do things in our own unique terms. We believe every perfect template of development  comes from America, Europe and Asia - including (now) the UAE.
Africa, especially the black Africa, is increasingly operating without precision, we are running our affairs with borrowed ideology, the ones we pretend to have mastered, but fail to prove our worth when the chips are down.
Leadership in Africa, is a huge failure, because we have jettisoned the one that is our type.
If UK could still maintain constitutional monarchy, if the Arabs could still do robust business with the West, yet they have no democracy, then why is ours different?
Whether we like it or not, democracy has not favored us. It has been years of woes and failures - each succeeding year, comes as a worse comparison to the former.
It is really sad that military dictatorship, despite its flaws, had helped in building a better Nigeria compared to what we have today.
Let anyone challenge me that democracy, with its current baggage of corrupt leaders, insecurity, joblessness, and deeply rooted poverty, is better than the military rule.
Nigeria was safer during the military, the economy wasn't as bad as this; there was relative value for life and its expectancy; it was better than what we have today.
We were not even as divided as we are today in the past.
It was all so, because military dictatorship was like half bother of our monarchial system of government. Its decrees, as crude as some were, worked better than the democratic constitution that we have now.
Criminals were deservingly punished, public service was better, institutions were stronger, because the laws from the decrees were strong and ruthless. But what do we have today? Nostalgia. Shadow of the past...
So it is time Nigeria begins to think of what works for it; especially now that democracy has proven beyond the realms of reasonable doubts, that it does not suit our lifestyle. Its been a complete sham.
Our constitution must not look like that of America, we must forge our law to represent our values and life style.
China voted to sustain stronger government institutions, in a country where its leaders can live longer in power to continue to develop their state and punish corrupt public servants without recourse to fears for the consequences of their action, when they leave power.
So while we continue to get confused on how to sort ourselves out, XIjin Ping will  remain one Leader that we will be seeing for a long time to come.


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