Popular Northern YouTube sex therapist, Muneerat Abdulsalam reembrace Islam, stops posting obscene contents

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Northern Nigeria's popular Hausa Vlogger, Muneerat Abdulsalam, famous for her raw comments  about sex, lovemaking and 

Miss Abdulsalam

marriage had recently re-embraced Islam and decided to put a stop to her controversial YouTube videos.

Going by her name, Muneerat Abdulsalam,  no one doubts her Islamic background. But the unapologetic sex educationist, had for some times of her life, parted ways with her religion due to some personal reasons which she once  attempted to explain in one of her YouTube posts.

Her video content, though had generated a lot of followers for her YouTube channel, also placed her on a negative light in the eyes of many northerners - both Muslims and Christians.

Some Muslims in the North felt she was giving Islam a negative representation because her names suggested she is a born Muslim lady.

But Muneerat who was unapologetic with the way she used profane words and vulgarity to pass message,  like mentioning the private parts with it's real name, and almost practical in her description of how man and woman could get the best sexual satisfaction, insisted she was doing the public a greater good and saving marriages.

According to her she has used her YouTube message to save many homes that were hitherto  threatened by lack of active romance which leads to unexciting relationships and divorce from collapsing.

While reeling out series of near erotic videos, Miss Muneerat,  a Bura Pela tribes lady from Borno state who said she lived all her life in Kaduna, also introduced another aspect to her YouTube business with the sales of Lumancy Perfume. A perfume she claims has a powerful erotic inducing capability.

Lumancy, is a word Muneerat coined for sexual intercourse.

The perfume which she called Humran Lumancy has become a hot cake and is being ordered by people from within and outside Nigeria.

Despite the public backlash, from the northern establishment, Muneerat wouldn't bulge as she continued to broadcast her channel and occasionally flaunt her natural heavy breasts endowments. 

Her refusal to put on hijab to cover her head while putting on skimpy tops that almost reveal her nudity in front of the camera left her with many critics.  Though her fans see those condemning her as hypocrites.

Despite all condemnations Miss Muneerat's Lumancy YouTube channel records nearly 10k views per each post.

While she continued to receive threats from unknown people, Muneerat said no one could stop her from doing what places food on her table. 

And she had threatened to sue whoever tries to harrass her or if pushed to the wall, she once threatened to invoke the wrath of her native country home's gods called "Garmarama", upon who ever cross her path.

Muneerat's uncensored YouTube post went a bit overboard when she decided to advertise  Vibrators from 101 Erotic to her female fans.

Hell was almost let lose on her as Northern critics accused her of deliberate attempt to  corrupt their women and girls. 

Even though she had initially dared those who called for her head by asking them to blame their wives who order for the sex toys, Muneerat had to bow to pressure and last week apologized for accepting to advertise the sales of Vibrator for 101 Erotic.

Since then, it seemed a turning point for her. Though Kareem's Pick Blog has not independently verified the rumor, it was said that some top Northern leaders reached out to her and was able to logically made her understand that she can still use her YouTube fame to do something more rewarding, less controversial and still make money doing so.

In a different video, Muneerat was featured at the National Mosque Abuja where she went to rebaptize as a born again Muslim and later granted interview to the press explaining why she returned to her religion and turned a new leaf in her public engagement.

She broke in tears as she was struck with emotion while speaking to journalists.

The Lumancy Queen said she is going to continue her YouTube business, though in a more positive light, to empower women and to help the less privileged.

In her latest YouTube videos, Muneerat hinted that she might consider changing the name of her erotic perfume because "this is part of my next-level since I have embraced Islam."

Now dressed in decent  attires without anyone having to ogle at her exposed endowments, Muneerat speaks more about good marriage, genotype testing before marriage, dangers of drugs abuse and abortions etc.

However Muneerat is perceived, she will for a long time be remembered as one Northern Nigerian woman who defied instituted taboos to revolutionize how people can use the social media for self actualization.

An overzealous Vlogger recently dubbed her PROSTITUTE. A hate speech that was generally condemned by decent Nigerians who insisted no one has the right to judge her.

Hate her or like her, Muneerat may have assisted thousands of Northern women to better their sex lives and safeguard their once crumbling marriages.

Sadly, none of her female fans ever come out to defend her when the North wanted to eat her up. 


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