​Arctic Norway; Story of a place where sun shines at night

This isn't dusk, it is midnight
in the Arctic Norway

By Blogger-in-Chief

It might sound weird and a bit of oxymoron to hear one talks about the 'Midnight Sun'. 

But in reality, there are some places in the world where the sun does not go down at night. Yes. The sun hangs on horizon lighting the night even when people in those climes are dozing off or have gone to bed.  

Some times the sun and the moon will appear in the opposite direction and provide the people of Arctic Norway with the brightest of lights all through the night.
the midnight Sun 

One may ask: Where in the world could this place be. 

Kareem's Pick Blog is happy to inform you that this amazing miracle of Nature usually happens in no other place than Arctic Norway. 

If we could still recall our geography in secondary school, we might recall what we were told about that part of the globe that lies above the Arctic circle.
Of course, Norway is one of the most stretched out countries in the world, that reaches 58*N to 81*N. 

Oh, let me not bore us with too much geography; I know many people hated that subject back in the schooldays. 

So there in Arctic Norway, the sun does defy the natural course of the order by not going down at dusk. In fact, the sun remains on the horizon and hence deny the city its dark hours of the night. It is called midnight sun.

Experts say midnight sun is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the summer months in places north of Arctic Circle or South of the Antarctic Circle when the sun will remain visible at the local midnight.  And this usually at this time of the year. 

The situation is like after having a long day of hard work, you return home only to say goodnight to your neighbor but the sun will say "not for me; I am still up".

People go to sleep in the Arctic at night but the night still looks like day. 

Scientists said what causes this natural abnormality is because at this time of the year, and also in December the sun is visible for the full 24 hours, given fair weather. It is said that the number of days per year with the potential midnight sun increases the closer one moves towards the Poles. 

Kareem's Pick Blog research gathered some information that in places like Svalbard, Norway, there is no sunset from approximately 19th April to 23 August every year.

The North Pole has midnight sun for six months - from late March to late September. The  South Pole has midnight sun and experiences it from 23 September to March. 
At the Poles themselves, it is said that the sun rises and sets only once in a year.
Mr Hakeem took
 this photo at night

But in Arctic Norway, according to one Imam Wahid Hakeem, a resident of Arctic Norway said "the sun moves in circles and at this time of the year it sets in the North instead of the West.

"At this time of the year we usually have the full moon at night and the midnight sun," said Mr. Imam Hakim. 

Imam Hakim has a more spiritual understanding of the midnight sun phenomenon. According to him, it is not an anomaly, but a manifestation of God's words as mentioned in the Quran. 

"In the holy Quran chapter 18 verse 90 where God spoke about a prophet called Zulqarnayn whom He gave the powers and ablity to traverse the world and the verse reads: "Until when he (Zulqarnayn) came to the rising of the sun, he found it rising on a people for whom We (God) had provided no covering protection from the sun," said Imam Hakeem who spoke in a video he shared on social media about the wonders of living in Arctic Norway.

According to Mr. Hakeem,the phrase, "covering protection from the sun", mean nightfall. 

So anytime you are planning to travel to the Arctic region especially at this time, be prepared for days without night. 


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