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How working as a journalist in Nigeria can affect mental health

By Blogger-in-Chief 
In September 2013, I and many other media colleagues from the Northeast attended a Conflict Sensitive Reporting workshop organized by the Nigeria Press Council in collaboration with the Office of National Security Adviser (ONSA) at Zaranda Hotel in Bauchi state. 

During the two day training anchored by top media eggheads like famous  Professor Umar Pate, Zakari Mijinyawa of ONSA, Bayo Atoyebi the then Chief Executive of NPC, Babatunde Abdulhameed and Sani Zoro, former NUJ President, we were not only taught how to report conflict and crisis, but we had time to discuss our experiences as journalist working in a conflict epicenter like Borno. 
I could remember vividly that I, Abdulkareem Haruna, suggested that we journalists reporting Boko Haram at such a close range of its goriness should, from time to time, be given some trauma counseling and psychosocial support. 
I could still recall that my suggestion a general applaud from my colleagues and some nods from most of t…